Service in English v. Anne-Sophie Olander

15 jul 2018

Do you want to experience a normal Danish service in Roskilde Cathedral, that you can understand?

Then stop by the church Sunday July 15th at 5 pm for a Danish service – in English! The service will be as normal as possible – but hymns, sermon and liturgy will be in English.

Bring your friends, colleagues or family – children are more than welcome!


There is a time for everything. A time to live … a time to die … But it is the time between these two “outer times” that are interesting: The “middle time”, because that is where we are right now, in the middle of life. And where does God fit in this? There is so much to fear, and yet we are told, that not one sparrow falls to the ground outside God’s care, so we should not fear anything!

This is our dilemma. T

his is the dilemma of the 7th Sunday after Trinity.



Roskilde Domkirke